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Donation of Over 1000 Euros for Social Projects in Esslingen County

“Mitmachen Ehrensache” – Also for CeramTec: Students Volunteer in Plochingen

Plochingen, 2017-01-09


On International Volunteer Day on December 5, the “Mitmachen Ehrensache” initiative took place once again in Baden-Württemberg. This program involves students from secondary schools and vocational schools in the 7th grade and above going to work in a company for one day and then donating their fictitious pay checks to the campaign.

At CeramTec in Plochingen, eight students from various local schools got involved in the Medical Technology and Mechanical Applications divisions, the Development and Technical Engineering divisions as well as Corporate Communications. Even our colleagues in Goods Receipt received some energetic support. The volunteers took part in activities ranging from administrative tasks in the office, such as filing, addressing Christmas cards, and packaging and sending gifts, to practical jobs in Production and the Electrical Workshop. In addition to the great feeling of having contributed to a charitable cause, the students also had the opportunity to gain insight into the working world.

The campaign is also popular with us: CeramTec has already participated in the initiative three times and even ended up offering twice as many places as could be filled. The students earned a donation of 240 euros with their work, and CeramTec raised this to a sum of 1000 euros. The donation will go to the Esslingen regional youth association, which decides about various social projects in the county.

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    Douai, 2017-01-24 – 2017-01-26
    Bangalore, 2017-01-26 – 2017-02-01
  • SPIE Photonics West
    San Francisco, CA, 2017-01-28 – 2017-02-02
  • Asia Brake Conference and Exhibition
    Dehli, 2017-02-20 – 2017-02-22
  • ME-TECH 2017
    Dubai, 2017-02-22 – 2017-02-23
    Mexico City, 2017-03-07 – 2017-03-10
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