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The Ceramic Experts: Successful Start to the Hanover Fair

CeramTec Awarded with the 2017 Industry Prize

Lohmar, 2017-04-24


CeramTec was awarded the 2017 Industry Prize at the very start of the HANNOVER MESSE trade fair. The company prevailed against the competition with its transparent, advanced ceramic Perlucor in the "Optical Technologies" category. The Industry Prize is awarded to the most advanced industrial products and solutions in different categories.

With the motto “connecting industry," numerous companies entered their products to compete for the industry prize. The prize is aimed at industrial products and solutions which rise to meet the current challenges of their sector in the name of progress.

The transparent ceramic Perlucor, developed by CeramTec and presented for the first time at the HANNOVER MESSE trade fair in 2013, won over the specialist jury with its especially high technological, ecological, economical, and social value. This versatile material came out on top in the "Optical Technologies" category, which included all foundations and applications of optical practices and technologies. Perlucor combines the high degree of clarity of transparent materials with the special mechanical properties of technical ceramics: The very high wear resistance and hardness of 14GPa is complemented by a thermal resistance of up to 1600°C as well as a chemical resistance which makes the material ideal for use in extreme conditions, among other things. The material's refractive index of 1.72 also enables new approaches in the development of optical lenses. The combination of properties offered by Perlucor presents design engineers with a completely new set of strategies for meeting challenges where transparency plays a crucial role. The material is already used in a range of applications today: As a scratch-resistant lens in floor lighting and scanners, as display glass in diving watches, in the inspection windows of high-temperature furnaces and blasting cabinets, and even as protective glass in armored vehicles.

The industry prize is awarded for the most advanced industrial products in 14 different categories – from drive and fluid technology through research & development and microsystems technology to supply. An independent specialist jury comprising professors, scientists, industry experts, and journalists evaluated the submissions.

For this year's HANNOVER MESSE, CeramTec is located in Hall 6, stand B17. More information on www.ceramtec.com/hmi/

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