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이 페이지에서의 링크는 CeramTec 국제 웹사이트의 영어-언어 버전으로 당신을 안내할 것입니다.

Ceramic Manufacturer Supports Kids in Need in Bavaria

CeramTec Summer Party with Charity Campaign


The ceramic experts donated a check to the value of 1,000 euros
to the “Allianz for Kids in Bavaria” association on October 5, 2018.

Celebrating for a good cause at CeramTec: The Marktredwitz location used this year’s summer party as a platform for a joint campaign with the “Allianz for Kids in Bavaria” association and donated 1,000 euros.

Good times in the sun: The CeramTec team at Marktredwitz celebrated together with their families at the summer party on July 21, 2018.

Social engagement is a priority at CeramTec. The team at the Marktredwitz location is no exception, and they came up with something special for this year’s summer party: They handed over the bar to the “Allianz for Kids in Bavaria” association. This meant that CeramTec employees were well supplied with drinks in the hot summer weather and the association was the happy recipient of a generous donation. The ceramic experts handed over a check for 1,000 euros on October 5.

The financial donation goes to the benefit of the charitable Allianz association „Allianz für Kinder in Bayern e.V.“ (Allianz for Kids in Bavaria) to help kids and young people in need in Bavaria. Their work focuses on young people who require special support due to physical, mental, emotional or social disadvantages.

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