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Successful Final Exams for CeramTec Trainees

CeramTec Trainee Awarded for Top Scores


CeramTec CEO Dr. Hadi Saleh congratulates Dominik Köstlin.
Training supervisor Albrecht Baumann is pleased with the great result.

CeramTec’s industrial mechanic trainee Dominik Köstlin achieved the highest final examination score in his discipline in the entire region. With this great result, the ceramic specialist CeramTec has once again proven itself as one of the best training companies in Baden-Württemberg.

CeramTec trainees have often stood out as the best in their fields in the past, whether that be as “Bavaria’s Best” or even as “Germany’s Best”. In October of last year, one more award was added to the collection: industrial mechanic trainee Dominik Köstlin completed his three-year traineeship with a score of 97.66 points in his final examinations. This was the best IHK score out of the 748 industrial mechanic graduates in the whole Stuttgart region. The achievement is all the more impressive in consideration of the fact that the state best in Baden-Württemberg was only marginally higher at 97.90 points. “With his score, he is the highest scoring trainee we have ever had at the Plochingen location,” say Albrecht Baumann and Sammy Frey, industrial trainers. This is testimony to the outstanding quality of the training program at CeramTec, which is more than a match for the programs of the big corporations in the area.

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