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Girls’ Day at the Ceramic Experts

2019 Girls’ Day at Four CeramTec Locations


At this year’s Girls’ Day, an initiative designed to give girls in the 5th grade and above an insight into technical professions, four CeramTec locations in Germany presented themselves to potential future candidates. The program varied from location to location – what they all had in common, however, was the great work of the CeramTec trainees supervising the guests and the fun the girls had completing their set tasks.

Girls’ Day in Plochingen

A Lively Program at All Locations

Together with their trainee supervisors, the girls visiting the training workshop at CeramTec’s Lauf location created a ball game toy with great enthusiasm. Meanwhile in the Fichtel Mountains, the Girls’ Day group found out something about the traineeships available at the Marktredwitz location. Over the course of the day, they learned about the design of pneumatic control systems, saw CNC machines in operation and had the chance to manufacture their own pen holder and peg solitaire board. At the Lohmar location, the girls explored the Production, Laboratory and Dispatch departments and got to see how exciting the work is there. In Plochingen, things also took a pragmatic turn: under the guidance of the trainees, all participants designed their own bracelet with an individual print. This involved the use of various machines where the girls could prove their craftsmanship.

Girls’ Day in Marktredwitz

Lasting Impressions from a Fun Day

The participants took home a lot of memories and found out more about the traineeship opportunities at each CeramTec location in professions that they may not have considered up to now. They took the opportunity to ask the trainers questions on site and at the end of the day some girls could even see themselves starting an internship or technical traineeship with the Ceramic Experts.

Girls’ Day in Lauf and Lohmar

Girls’ Day – A Day for Girls’ Futures

Girls’ Day is a Germany-wide initiative where companies, businesses and universities open their doors to give girls a taste of traineeships and degrees in IT, trade, technology and science. Next year, Girls’ Day will take place on March 26, 2020.

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  • EuroBrake
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  • CeramTec Tag der offenen Tür 2019
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  • ITM Polska
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