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CeramTec awarded by EWIE Co. Inc

CeramTec SPK Cutting Tools win Juice Award


CeramTec’s SPK Cutting Tools unit was presented with the Juice Award by the EWIE Co. The high-performance ceramics manufacturer’s tool specialists were recognised for their efficient process optimisation in the machining of transmission components at Getrag in France. The awards ceremony took place at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor in late 2018 as part of an event honouring suppliers.

EWIE Co. Inc. presents the Juice Award to the supplier who has achieved the greatest savings in relations to sales. CeramTec’s SPK Cutting Tools team succeeded in achieving this at Getrag in France, where it was able to significantly optimise the process of machining transmission components. For such a task as this, EWIE had turned to its German supplier for hard turning operations. Working with solid CBN inserts for hard turning provided the starting point for making improvements in the machining process. This resulted in new machining strategies, which were implemented with related carrier tool concepts. At the same time, the specialists redefined and optimised the entire process. The result: reduced times, greater output and significantly lower unit costs. “This is a fantastic achievement”, said Steve Robson, Manager for SPK Cutting Tools in the USA. We are very happy to receive this award. It demonstrates the extent to which we support our sales partners with tool solutions and process know-how.” SPK engineering specialists Shane Lichtenberg and Bob Courter accepted the award for CeramTec at the awards ceremony at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, the largest college football stadium in the USA.

The Juice Award is presented in commemoration of Dilip K. Mullick, co-founder of EWIE Co., Inc. (formerly East West Industrial Engineering Co., Inc.). EWIE Co. Inc. is part of the EGC Group. As a tool integrator, the company undertakes tool management for cutting tools and carries out process optimisations in machining.

For over 60 years, CeramTec’s SPK brand has stood for the powerful, efficient design of machining processes with ceramic cutting materials, PcBN grades and cermets. Thanks to matched tooling systems and comprehensive application expertise, the team is able to create practical solutions: for machining parts made from cast iron, hardened steel, steels and other materials used in engine manufacturing. The tool specialists are active in the fields of automotive engineering, aerospace, the transmission and bearing industry, mechanical engineering and wind power.

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